Google introduces voice typing improvement in Docs, plus other new features

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For many years now, Google has allowed users to type, edit, and format their Google Docs documents. The feature is set to receive new enhancements.

According to a recent Google Workspace blog post, the upcoming update “will help reduce transcription errors and minimize lost audio during transcription.” However, Google didn’t further explain how this will exactly work. Google Docs voice typing will also offer “expanded availability to most major browsers.”

What’s more, the transcription quality updates will also be available to Google Slides’ automatic captioning feature, making it easier for viewers to understand what a speaker is saying in their presentation. “We hope this launch leads to more inclusive and accessible user interactions within Docs and Slides,” Google says in their blog post.

The enhancements are rolling out now and will be widely available over the next month for both free and paid Workspace users.

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Aside from this development, Google Docs is also rolling out a new feature that enables users to view non-printing characters like paragraph/hard break, line/soft break, section break, page break, column break, tab, and space in their document. This feature gives users a visual representation of a document’s formatting, enabling them to make edits easier.

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