Google expands its Generative AI search to India and Japan; here’s how you can opt in

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A screenshot of Search Generative Experience

At I/O 2023, Google announced its plans to bring generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Google Search. Later in the same month, the company started rolling out the Search Generative Experience to users in the US. Now, after almost four months of testing, Google is expanding the generative AI experience to more countries.

In a blog post, Google announced that the company is bringing the new search experience to India and Japan. Along with that, Google has also announced that users in India will be able to toggle between English and Hindi, giving users an option to use the new features in the local language.

Unique to India, users will also find a language toggle to help multilingual speakers easily switch back and forth between English and Hindi. And Indian users can also listen to the responses, which is a popular preference.

Furthermore, Google also revealed that it had seen the highest satisfaction score among young adults who noted that the ability to ask follow-up questions is a great bonus. The company further said that users prefer seeing ads above or below the AI result, allowing them to interact with ads better.

Google has been taking notes as it further refines the generative AI search experience for all users. It has also used feedback to make changes to the search page, with the new update adding an arrow to show relevant content to the users.

During testing, we’ve learned that people find it easier and more understandable when access to these links is presented within the overview itself.

So starting today, when you see an arrow icon next to information in an AI-powered overview, you can click to see relevant web pages, and easily learn more by visiting the sites.

If you are living in India or Japan and want to try out the new Search Generative Experience then you can enroll in Search Labs. Once enrolled, you should start seeing the new search experience on Google search. Do note that Search Labs is only available on the Google app (Android or iOS) and on Google Chrome on desktop.

Google has been adding features to Search Labs ever since it started rolling out to users in late May. The company has updated the service with features such as the ability to plan trips or shop for products as well as definitions for searches related to academia. Earlier this month, Google added the ability to see images and video clips for some generative AI search prompts.

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