Get playful with art in four new cultural experiments

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Pippin Barr is an Associate Professor at Concordia University with a PhD in Computer Science. He’s also a published author and experimental game designer. His research focuses on the stuff games are made of: what makes them tick and which thought processes lead to their making. He adapted Marina Abrmović’s iconic performance work The Artist Is Present into a video game and collaborated with Abramović on a series of experimental games.

Jack Wild is a creative technologist, currently an Artist in Residence with Google Arts & Culture Lab exploring applications of AI and machine learning in a cultural context. His work has a focus on functional design with plenty of personality and playful interaction.

Carol Mertz is an award-winning interactive designer, developer, public speaker and artist with a MFA in Game Design from the NYU Game Center. Her work spans across physical and digital realms, from interactive installations to board games to video games for experimental and mainstream systems.

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