France OKs iPhone 12 software update to address radiation concerns

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Earlier this month, France banned the sales of iPhone 12 devices after it detected high levels of radiation being emitted by the devices. Reuters said that the country has now approved a proposed software update from Apple which lowers the levels of radiation being emitted.

The iPhone 12 is a fairly old device now and it’s no longer available brand new on Apple’s website, however, many sellers are still selling it second hand; France’s ban affected these types of sales.

Earlier this month when France raised concerns about the radiation levels, Apple argued that its device had passed numerous international standards tests to ensure the levels of radiation were safe. It said that France had used different methods to test the radiation level.

In mid-September, Apple put out a statement saying that it would issue a software update for users in France to address the government’s concerns. France said that it welcomed the announcement and that it would allow sales of the phone against once the update was released.

It’s unclear whether the update will only be available to French users. Several other European nations have expressed concerns over the findings but none have cracked down on the company like France has.

Luckily for Apple, the radiation issue is easily solved with a software update. It’s not like food or appliances where a product recall can be necessary. All iPhone 12 users need to do is update their device when the new software is made available.

Regulators around the world check mobile devices to ensure that they are emitting safe levels of radiation. While radiation sounds scary, as long as it’s kept below certain levels, it doesn’t pose a risk to users.

It seems like France is implementing more stringent measures to be a bit more cautious about the effects of radiation.

Source: Reuters

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