Forza Motorsport PC and Xbox preloads are available and they are pretty big

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Forza Motorsport

It’s rare for games to drop below 100GB in size these days, and Forza Motorsport is no exception. The racing simulation fans with limited storage space will need to make room, as the latest entry in the racing franchise has massive storage requirements.

Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios today made the upcoming Forza Motorsport available for preload, revealing storage requirements of up to 132GB.

Players on Xbox Series X will need the largest installation at over 132GB. The optimized Series S version comes in slightly smaller at around 97 GB for optimum performance on the less powerful hardware. The PC version via the Microsoft Store estimates 118 GB needed.

It is worth noting that Forza Motorsport will have different rendering modes on the Xbox Series S and X consoles. For example, Series X will have support for ray-tracing effects in its quality mode for both cars and tracks. It will run at 30 fps at 2160p (4K) resolution. However, on Series S, there will be no ray tracing effects while players are in racing mode.

This massive download size indicates Turn 10 is packing the game with content at launch. In addition to dozens of recreated cars and tracks, Forza Motorsport promises deep customization and refined driving mechanics.

In early September, a gameplay clip on YouTube showed some of the 500 high-end vehicles that will be featured, along with a few of the 20 tracks and some of the game’s customization features. You can drive in any of the game’s different modes, such as Builders Cup Career Mode, Featured Multiplayer, Free Play, or Rivals.

Forza Motorsport will be available on October 10 for the Standard Edition for the PC, Xbox Series S and Series X consoles, and will also be included in Xbox Game Pass at launch. If you preorder the Premium Edition, you can play five days earlier.

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