Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth trailer shows off Cait Sith, Vincent and February 29 release date

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Square Enix revealed more details about the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Rebirth during Sony’s State of Play Showcase today. Players were treated to a new trailer showing off more of the game’s expanded world and additional plot details.

Perhaps most notably, the trailer confirmed a February 29, 2024, release date for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. This marks the second part of Square Enix’s ambitious trilogy remaking the classic PlayStation RPG.

The trailer featured more appearances from fan-favorites like Vincent and Cait Sith. However, it also showed plot points that differ substantially from the original game, continuing the story changes first introduced in the highly successful Final Fantasy VII Remake from 2020.

This has many fans speculating on how the overall storyline may diverge in the future. With Crisis Core also being re-released, some believe that Zack Fair’s expanded role could lead to more significant changes in the franchise’s mythology.

In an interview, creative director Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that core party members Cloud, Tifa, Barret, and Aerith will all return as playable. Red XIII, an accompanying party member in Final Fantasy VII Remake, will be a fully playable character from the start of Rebirth.

Nomura also stated that some characters seen as companions in Rebirth may become official party members at the trilogy’s end.

The original party members are all present in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. In the previous title, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Red XIII became an accompanying member in the second half of the game, but he will become an official, playable party member starting from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Similarly, there are characters who are accompanying members in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, that will become official party members in the next title.

In case you missed it, the first footage of the game was revealed at Summer Games Fest. Square Enix is going to ship this game on two discs, so it looks like it will be a very big game indeed.

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