Files 3.2 is out with List View and plenty of fixes and improvements

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Files 32 update

Files, a popular third-party file manager for Windows 10 and 11, has been updated to version 3.2. It is now available for download from the Microsoft Store, bringing users a new List View, the ability to edit album covers, enhanced thumbnails, and various improvements under the hood to make your file management experience much better.

What is new in Files 3.2?

New features in Files 3.2 include List View, a file layout that lets you see more objects in a single window. If you want to browse through a massive list of files and folders, List View will be the best option to pick. Note that this view does not show additional data—only icons and names are visible.

The Files app version 32

The Files app version 3.2 also brings a new built-in tool for audio files. You can now edit album covers without resorting to other apps. Right-click a song, select “Properties,” then click its album cover to select a new image.

The Files app version 32

Another welcome improvement in the latest update is the improved thumbnail render. Developers made thumbnails sharper for more details and better contrast. In addition, Files 3.2 fixes the bug with broken thumbnails in OneDrive.

Improved thumbnails in Files 32

Finally, the app now works much better with large files. The developer says the team implemented notable improvements under the hood, reducing crashes and freezes when browsing large folders, deleting items, moving objects, etc.

Other changes in Files 3.2 include the following:

  • Added options to hide the built-in items from the right click context menu
  • Added an option to disable auto scroll when navigating up the file tree
  • Updated the search query to include unindexed items by default
  • Creating a new file now adds it to the Recent Files list
  • Creating a shortcut will now use the naming preferences from File Explorer
  • Clicking a tag in the Details Pane will now start a search for other tagged items
  • Added support for setting jfif files as the desktop & lockscreen background
  • Improved the performance when launching Files in the background at Windows startup
  • Improved support for high contrast themes
  • Updated the cloud status icon in the Columns View
  • Added support for pinning executable shortcuts to the Start Menu
  • Fixed issue where updating the default layout wouldn’t refresh open tabs
  • Fixed issue where renaming a tag wouldn’t save the new name
  • Fixed issue where certain changes in the Properties Window couldn’t be canceled
  • Fixed issue where switching from Details to Tiles would sometimes result in blurry icons
  • Fixed issue where thumbnails would sometimes fail to load for OneDrive items
  • Fixed issue where folder thumbnails wouldn’t display a preview of the contents
  • Fixed issue where the Properties window was missing its icon
  • Fixed issue where search results would sometimes use the Columns View
  • Fixed issue where opening tags from the sidebar would default to the Details View
  • Fixed issue where renaming items on a search page wouldn’t update the file list
  • Fixed issue where the privacy policy link was broken
  • Fixed issue where OneDrive files would automatically download
  • Fixed issue where pinned applications were executed in %windir%\System32
  • Fixed issue where smart extraction didn’t work correctly for a single folder
  • Fixed issue where the path bar didn’t use localized name for system folders
  • Fixed issue where directly opening a library would invoke explorer.exe
  • Fixed environment variables expansion for shortcuts
  • Fixed issue where folders sizes weren’t calculated when opening Properties from the sidebar
  • Fixed issue where modified date was missing from the Properties window
  • Fixed issue where it didn’t work to target files when creating new shortcuts
  • Fixed issue where exiting from the system tray icon didn’t save the open tabs
  • Fixed issue where a new tab would open when trying to open a new window
  • Fixed issue where batch files couldn’t be previewed inside archives
  • Fixed issue where installing multiple fonts would trigger multiple UAC prompts
  • Fixed issue where refocusing Details View would sometimes scroll
  • Fixed crash that would occur when displaying a large number of items at the same time
  • Fixed crash that would occur when items were added from an external app
  • Fixed crash that would occur when opening Properties for certain items in the Recent Files list
  • Fixed crash that would occur when the app failed to update
  • Fixed crash that would occur when renaming items in the Grid View layout
  • Fixed crash that would occur when selecting the address bar via Shift + Tab
  • Fixed crash that would occur when Git path contained an emoji
  • Fixed crash that could occur when dragging in grouped grid layout

The Files app is available in the Microsoft Store for $8.99. However, you can get the app for free from its GitHub repository. Purchasing it in the Microsoft Store is an option for those wanting to support developers and help them improve the project. If you want to try early updates, get the Insider Preview version from the official website.

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