Eve Play adds AirPlay 2 to your existing sound system

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Eve Play


Eve has made several announcements during IFA 2023 in Berlin, including the launch of the Eve Play, an AirPlay 2 receiver to let iPhone and iPad users stream audio to their existing sound equipment. 

Eve Play is a device with RCA, optical, and coaxial audio outputs to add AirPlay 2 capabilities to existing stereo devices. The interface also supports multi-room setups for synchronized streaming with other AirPlay 2 devices, like Apple HomePods. The Eve Play works with existing amplifiers, active speakers, and soundbars.  

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The AirPlay 2 receiver works seamlessly with 2.5GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi networks and has an Ethernet port but no inputs. It also only supports Apple’s audio format, making it a niche product for audiophiles enjoying an Apple ecosystem. 

Eve Play


The Eve Play will become available for purchase on Nov. 14 for $150. 

Eve and Matter announcements

Eve MotionBlinds

The Eve MotionBlinds’ upcoming Adaptive Shading feature at work.


Eve is also releasing a free firmware update for Eve MotionBlinds to add Matter support on Nov. 14. The same update will also add a new Adaptive Shading feature that lets the blinds automatically close according to the sun’s position for more comfortable and efficient smart sharing and insulation in the winter. 

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During IFA Berlin 2023, Eve is showcasing the incorporation of Matter into its parent company’s smart home system, ABB-free@home. ABB, which acquired Eve Systems in June, features a smart home technology infrastructure with professional installation and is integrating Matter into it to allow users to add new and retrofitted smart devices without getting a specialist to install them.  

Eve also announced the launch of the Eve Thermo, a wireless temperature sensor to go with the Eve Thermo smart radiator valve. This EU-exclusive product will go on sale for €79.95 on Amazon on Nov.14, when the device will also get a Matter firmware upgrade.

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