Eufy’s new dual-lens security cameras can use AI to stitch together video recordings

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Floodlight Cam E340 mounted on a house at dusk

Eufy Security

Remember that Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual? The idea of dual cameras on a security device like a video doorbell, giving you a visual of who’s at the door and what, if anything, has been dropped off for you was (and still is) jaw-dropping. 

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Building on that idea, Eufy Security, a sub-brand of Anker, is launching today a full lineup of dual-camera devices, including a new Video Doorbell E340. Each of the devices has two separate cameras, one with a telephoto lens and another with a wide-angle lens.

The systems, Eufy touts, feature a home surveillance mesh powered by local AI, with support for Eufy Security’s proprietary AI cross-camera tracking, which can track movement, like a person walking, across multiple devices and automatically piece together a full sequence of videos.

“Eufy Security’s latest dual-camera device lineup signifies a major advancement in home security. These devices seamlessly integrate superior camera optics with advanced AI, effectively eliminating blind spots and significantly reducing notification frequency,” said Frank Zhu, Eufy Security’s General Manager in a Tuesday press release.

Here’s a look at Eufy Security’s new dual-camera lineup of security devices:

Eufy Security’s new Video Doorbell E340 features a 2K-resolution wide-angle camera to capture and identify the people at your door, thanks to the HomeBase S380’s BionicMind AI technology.

Starting at $180, the Video Doorbell E340 also features a 1080p-resolution package camera that is pointed downwards to give you a clear view of incoming deliveries.

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The new Video Doorbell E340 boosts up to six months of battery life, color night vision, and no monthly fees with the HomeBase S380, which has expandable storage to up to 16TB. 

Perfect for capturing events around the perimeter of your home, the Eufy Security Floodlight Cam E340 features a 3K-resolution wide-angle camera capable of 24/7 recording, plus a 2K AI-assisted pan and tilt camera with a telephoto lens.

To power the outdoor camera, users will be able to replace their existing floodlights and use the same wiring as an energy source.

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Aside from supporting local storage through the HomeBase S380, the new Floodlight Cam E340 supports microSD card expansion on top of its 128GB of internal storage. The Floodlight Cam also features color and infrared vision and starts at $220.

As the highest-resolution camera on the lineup, the Indoor Cam S350 boasts a 4K wide-angle camera and a 2K telephoto lens. This indoor, plug-in camera can sit on a table, shelf, or anywhere you need to surveil your home.

The Indoor Cam also features AI-assisted 360-degree pan and tilt movement, and its wide-angle camera can reach up to 8X zoom, allowing users to see further out. Though it only has infrared and not color night vision, the high-resolution image output at 4K should be able to compensate for darker scenes.

The Indoor Cam S350 starts at $130.

The Eufy Security SoloCam S340 is an easy-to-install, wire-free outdoor camera capable of sourcing power from the included solar panel. The 2.2W solar panel is attached but not built-in to the camera, so you can place the SoloCam facing the areas you want it to cover and have the solar panel face the sun without affecting the camera’s angle.

Starting at $200, the SoloCam S340 has a 3K-resolution camera with a wide-angle lens and a 2K pan and tilt camera with a telephoto lens.

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