DEAL: Forget AMD’s new 7800 XT/7700 XT, grab this 6800 XT instead before it’s gone forever

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Towards the end of last month, AMD unveiled its RX 7800 XT and 7700 XT GPUs, completing its Radeon RX 7000 (RNDA 3) desktop graphics card lineup. AMD claimed that the 7800 XT would be able to toe-to-toe with the RTX 4070 for $100 less while the RX 7700 XT would kill off the already half-dead RTX 4060 Ti.

The cards finally launched a few days ago on the 6th of September and AMD was mostly spot on with its first-party benchmarks. With the official drivers, the 7800 XT was generally praised by reviewers except for its dubious name as it is barely any faster than the 6800 XT. The 7700 XT though was found to be less impressive and the card does need a $50 price cut for it to make sense.

XFX SWFT 319 RX 6900 XT

Speaking of the 6800 XT, the XFX variant of the GPU is currently at its lowest price ever at just ~$485 (buying link below), making it one of the best value-for-money GPUs currently available. Although the 7800 XT is also a good option at its $499 MSRP, the AIB variants are either too expensive or are out of stock as is the norm with most new releases. The 6800 XT is equivalent to Nvidia’s RTX 3080 10GB in terms of raster performance.

Meanwhile, the PowerColor RX 7600 is also at a great price at the moment as it is discounted to ~$250 (buying link below). This is nearly 18% cheaper than Nvidia’s RTX 4060 and at this price point, the RX 7600 makes for a decent recommendation. The AMD card is slightly faster than the 4060 at raserization though it is much slower at ray tracing. However, at this price point, RT performance should not matter much.

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