Celebrating the baguette with five bite sized facts

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Some love it for its crispy golden crust, others for the fluffiness of its crumbs, but the French all agree that the baguette is their favorite loaf. Indeed it’s so embedded in the French way of life that the French Ministry of Culture is campaigning for the baguette to be on UNESCO’s list of intangible heritage in autumn 2022.

To celebrate this icon of French culture, Google Arts & Culture partnered with specialist institutions, including Meilleurs Ouvriers de France and Confédération des Boulangers, to share what made it the most quintessential of French symbols – and how the savoir-faire is passed down through the generations.

Featuring more than 2000 images and 75+ Stories from historians, French bakers and culinary experts, La Baguette gives a fragrant taste of the French staple. We also built a dedicated game “Baguette Sprint” so everyone can learn in a playful way.

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