Brave launches desktop VPN and cross-device subscriptions

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Brave VPN settings

Brave Software has released its VPN to desktops with the most recent 1.49 version of its browser. The company already offers its VPN on Android and iOS but the recent news makes it fully cross-platform. To reflect this, the company says that anyone who buys a desktop VPN subscription will be able to use the protections on up to five devices, regardless of platform.

Brave said that its Firewall + VPN service is available for $9.99 per month and that the $99.99 per year option will be available on desktops soon. If you have five devices to connect to the VPN, that’s about $2 a month per device. By using the Firewall + VPN on your phone, trackers will be blocked across all the apps on your device, not just in the Brave browser.

If you’re intrigued by the VPN offer from Brave you can update your browser on your desktop and press the new VPN icon near the address bar. This will show a pop-up that showcases the features included and an option to buy a subscription. The company is also giving prospective customers a free 7-day trial to see if they’d like to buy a subscription. On your phone, you can go to the Settings menu and toggle the Brave Firewall + VPN option.

If you already have the subscription on mobile, you can connect your browser too by toggling on the option and then connecting your device on the website which you should automatically be taken to.

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