Bing Chat now lets people share answers on Twitter, Facebook and more

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Bing logo in front of Bing Chat

Microsoft had yet another busy week with more tweaks and improvements made to its Bing Chat service. The company went over some of those changes in its latest Bing Blog post. Some of them we have already reported on, such as the latest increase in daily turns to 150, including Bing Chat in group chats with Skype, and adding the new Bing sidebar in the latest version of the Edge browser.

Bing chat share

However, the blog post also points out a few more new features. One is that you can now see a new Share button that allows you to share Bing Chat answers from the chatbot with others on social media. The blog says you can directly share a link on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest along with email, or by using a persistent link. The screenshot Microsoft used also showed you can share a link in WhatsApp.

The blog also notes some improvements for the chat’s Tone Selector modes:

  • We’ve improved the ability for Bing to absorb larger amounts of context in Creative tone conversations. This expanded context window allows for better grounding, improved summarization of longer documents and pages, and longer conversations.
  • We are testing an optimization on “Balanced” mode that significantly improves performance—resulting in shorter but much faster responses. Responses in the Precise & Creative tones remain unchanged.

With Microsoft now letting pretty much anyone check out Bing Chat immediately after signing up to try it, we can expect to see more improvements and new features to roll out.

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