Baldur’s Gate 3 director confirms Larian’s next game in the works

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Larian Studios is not resting on its laurels after the successful launch of Baldur’s Gate 3. In an interview, studio director Swen Vincke revealed that the team is already working on their next project.

Vincke said that he is busy working on the next game. He also mentioned that the PS5 version of Baldur’s Gate 3 had been “shipped and uploaded,” so he finished it.

Every game developer will tell you that when you’ve finished there’s this black hole. You’ve been working towards this cliff, and you reach the point and it’s like ‘now what?’ You have to take time for yourself.

When people ask what’s next, it’s a break. But you’re already thinking about the next thing because you’ve been sitting on it for some time already, so there’s a lot of stuff that’s moving in that direction, and an eagerness to start working on it.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has been a critical and commercial hit for the Belgian studio since its early access launch in 2020. The RPG game currently sits at a 96 average score on Metacritic, making it one of the best-reviewed games of the year. It also became one of the biggest launches ever on Steam. According to a SteamDB report, the game had 875,343 concurrent users at its peak on August 13.

Despite the game’s success, Vincke admitted they were worried leading up to launch that it would be reviewed poorly or be too buggy on release (which is true).

We were worried it was going to score six out of ten or seven out of ten. There was going to be a bug or it was going to break down. Everyone’s going to hate it. That was our mentality going in.

Baldur’s Gate 3 got a second massive PC patch last week. Larian notes that there’s some small additional story content in the update. That includes a new epilogue scene for the character of Karlach, and more small moments featuring that same character have been added to the game’s first and second acts.

While no details were given on the studio’s next project, fans of Larian’s critically acclaimed RPGs have reason to be excited. It should be noted that Larian is also the developer of the Divinity franchise.

Source: Dungeons & Dragons via PCGamesN

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