Apple TV+ brings back the fantastic Drops of God for Season 2

Drops of God, a great and arguably under-appreciated Apple TV+ original series about a succession battle for the estate of a wine expert, is coming back for another season.

Apple announced the news on Tuesday, revealing that it’s acquired Season 2 of the multilingual French-Japanese from Legendary Entertainment. The show, adapted from the New York Times-bestselling Japanese manga series of the same name, stars Fleur Geffrier as Camille Léger, the daughter of the late wine expert, and Tomohisa Yamashita as Issei Tomine, the prized student of that wine expert.

For those who haven’t gotten around to Season 1 yet, the gist is that Alexandre Léger, creator of the famous Léger Wine Guide and world-renowned figure in oenology, has left behind two potential heirs to his extraordinary wine collection valued at $148 million: A daughter in Paris, Camille, who hasn’t seen her father since her parents separated when she was nine. And Alexandre’s protege, the brilliant young oenologist Issei Tomine.

In other words, it’s the biological daughter versus the “adopted” son. The inheritance, including ownership of Léger’s empire, will go to the winner of three wine-related challenges. A set of tests, by the way, that put Camille at a disadvantage right from the start — since she’s never tasted a single drop of wine. To prepare, she decamps to a vineyard in France owned by one of her father’s friends, and she spends a month learning everything she can about the different smells and tastes of wine.

As someone who watched and very much loved the series, Apple TV+ was in my opinion the perfect streaming home for a show like Drops of God — never mind that it’s gotten a bit overshadowed by other Apple releases. To date, the most popular titles on Apple TV+ include shows like Ted Lasso as well as sci-fi standouts Silo, Foundation, and For All Mankind. Drops of God, meanwhile, is in a class all its own.

It’s a dreamy, gorgeous drama that really feels like the streaming equivalent of an expensive wine, with its beguiling old-world beauty and the all-encompassing search for one’s identity making this a show to savor and relish. And it also arguably stands alongside with the best of what you’ll find on any other of the major streamers: The show, which debuted on Apple TV+ back in April of 2023, still has a perfect 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

There’s no word yet on a release date for the new season, but we do know what the story will entail. Per Apple, Camille and Issei “(Yamashita) “once again face a nearly impossible challenge: To uncover the origin of the world’s most wonderful wine, a secret that even Alexandre Léger failed to unlock. Through a series of trials and tests, their quest will take them to far-flung corners of the globe, forcing them to face their inner demons and changing them forever.”

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