An Abandoned Galaxy Awaits in Adrift, The Latest No Man’s Sky Expedition

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  • No Man’s Sky Adrift expedition available to download this week, free to existing players.
  • Travellers will have to adapt their survival strategies in this abandoned galaxy bereft of the usual support systems like space stations, trading posts and alien traders.
  • The unique Iron Vulture starship headlines a vast array of unique and exclusive rewards for those who successfully navigate this, No Man’s Sky’s 13th expedition.

Xbox and Game Pass Travellers in No Man’s Sky have already feasted well in 2024 with the release of the Orbital update, which invited all Xbox players to try the game for free, and Omega, which introduced the ability to customize starships and overhauled space stations for the first time since launch. As we close in on our 8th anniversary in the summer, we are pleased to launch our 13th community expedition, Adrift. It’ll be available for Xbox players to jump in later this week.

No Man’s Sky’s expeditions are a chance for the entire community to come together in a specific place in the universe, which is consequently always alive with Travellers completing the expedition’s unique set of limited-time challenges. 

But uniquely, in the Adrift expedition, the galaxy has been abandoned. There is no life to be seen anywhere – no aliens, no space stations, none of the usual network of shops and buildings.

Although everyone awakes on the same planet (the desolate, worm-infested Lapezuk), you will not be together in the usual sense. Communication is consumed by static and the boundaries between each of your individual realities have thickened. 

Even the usually-bustling Space Anomaly is eerily silent and devoid of the usual support from merchants and traders. In this forsaken universe you will have to use all your wits and adapt your approach simply to survive. Self-reliance is more critical than ever. 

The Adrift expedition is a whole new way to experience No Man’s Sky and a chance to meditate on the darkness of deep space. When the world around us is a constant stream of noise and hubbub, it offers up a silent haven. Will you find it a soothing respite, or an eerie and disturbing void?

No matter how you choose to embrace the Adrift expedition personally, there are, as ever, exclusive and collectable rewards for the willing adventurers including the gnawing scuttler companion, a supply of starship stealth paint, a ghostly frigate, and the unique Iron Vulture starship.

Adrift begins later this week, and will run for approximately seven weeks. We have lots more planned throughout the summer so Xbox players should keep their eyes peeled for further updates.

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