All new Windows Insider Canary builds will still be announced on Twitter

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Windows Insider logo with CAN symbol next to it

On Wednesday, Microsoft released the first build in its Windows Insider program for its new Canary channel. It included a number of new features that may or may not be added to Windows 11. However, if a new Canary build doesn’t come with new features, Microsoft has said it won’t get a dedicated Windows Insider blog post like the ones for the Beta and Dev channels.

However, that doesn’t mean Canary channel Windows Insiders will be completely in the dark when a new build rolls out. The official Windows Insider Twitter feed has confirmed, “We will still tweet when releasing new builds!”

This is obviously good news for Canary channel subscribers who will likely get more build releases per week compared to the ones on the Beta and Dev channels. Microsoft says that those released won’t be made on a daily basis, but new builds will still come at a more rapid pace.

Microsoft has also warned Canary users that the new builds “could include major issues that could result in not being able to use your PC correctly or even in some rare cases require you to reinstall Windows.” So the fact that all Canary builds will get at least a heads up via Twitter cannot help but be a good thing.

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