Adblock: Google did not slow down and lag YouTube performance with ad blocker on

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Back in November, the internet was abuzz with conspiracy theories of Google purposely slowing down YouTube on Mozilla Firefox while its own browser, Chrome, would work fine. However, those rumors were shot down soon after as Google explained that it was not just Firefox that was the subject of “suboptimal viewing” experience and that it was happening irrespective of the browser. Google put the blame on “installed ad blockers.”

Fast forward two months, now in January we just had another similar incident with several user reports online of YouTube being slow with adblockers. As is usually the case in these instances, most netizens of course were quick to once again point the finger at Google.

The issue was first brought to attention by Reddit users and the thread blew up with many more chiming in to say they were experiencing a similar thing. As it turns out, the bug was not YouTube or Google and was in fact a problem with Adblock and Adblock Plus’ recent update Version 5.17.0.

Hence if you were using something else like uBlock Origin (like me), you probably did not notice any slowdown.

Adblock Plus developers noted the issue as performance regression on its GitLab repo. It wrote:

Recently, ABP released version 3.22 which upgraded the bundled extension engine version to 1.1.1. AdBlock released version 5.17.0 which also updated the extension engine to version 1.1.1. We’ve had several reports of slow response time since the update.

It appears to be an issue in the extension engine since ABP, AdBlock, and the EWE test extension all seem to experience a similar issue with the 1.1.1 version of the extension engine.

The issue has now been fixed with the latest eyeo’s Web Extension Ad Blocking Toolkit (EWE) version 1.1.2, where the breaking change has been reverted.

Hence, if you are one of those users who is experiencing issues with Adblock and Adblock Plus, you should update your extension. It is also advised not to run multiple content filters or adblockers on your browser if you are facing performance issues.

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