3 ways to keep kids in Asia Pacific safer online

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As a working father with two kids who grew up in the digital era — and as a professional working in online safety outreach and engagement for the last 17 years — I’ve seen the huge impact technology has had on parenting.

Like many parents in Asia Pacific, I know there are benefits technology can bring to children’s growth and learning. However, I’m also aware of the potential dangers when children aren’t exposed to age-appropriate content and online scams. The good news is that, according to our latest Asia Pacific Kids & Families Online Safety Survey, the majority of Asia Pacific’s parents (78%) feel confident talking to their kids about online safety.

Using parental controls

This year’s survey showed that the most common online safety issue for children is seeing inappropriate content online, occurring at least once to 61% of children (compared to 54% last year); followed by seeing misinformation, deceptive ads or spam, and violent content.

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