16 tips to help you be more focused and organized at work

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  • I use multiple Chrome profiles. Do I want to look up why humans have eyebrows? Of course, but I don’t want to do it instead of my work. Having personal and professional Chrome profiles helps me keep work and personal tasks separate, so I can save the rabbit holes for after hours.
  • I use the built-in password manager. With so much to keep track of, I often struggle to remember my passwords. I used to either risk having the same password for everything or constantly forget and have to reset my passwords. Now, I use Google Password Manager to keep my accounts secure and rely less on my memory.


Beyond helping me in areas where I struggle, the tools and products I use also let me make the most of my strengths. I’m a really creative person — something I take a lot of pride in. Sure, I may not consistently reach inbox zero, but I often come up with new ideas and really love thinking outside the box. Whenever I have an idea, I jot it down in Google Keep, a cross-platform tool that lets my notes follow me across Calendar, Docs and Gmail. I can even customize my notes with drawings and images.


In the same sidebar as Keep, I use Google Tasks to make my ideas actionable. Once I’ve turned my ideas into goals, I add them to Tasks with deadlines.

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